Introduction of new technologies, creating meaningful experiences and staff retention are among the top concerns for many hotel managers. JEEVES, the first service robot for the European hotel industry helps hoteliers tackle these challenges in a remarkable way.

Guests have become more sophisticated when it comes to picking a hotel; and technology is without a doubt one of the deciding factors when booking a room. The introduction of new technologies gives hotels an advantage helping them save time and money and improving the quality of their service. You need to think outside the box when it comes to introducing new technologies and start offering experiences that will surprise your guests.

Let’s take the example of the mini bars, JEEVES can replace up to 200 mini bars in a hotel. This allows you to save on energy and gain valuable time while reducing the effort of restocking minibars once a day. Moreover, JEEVES automatically reports sales to the front desk eliminating the need for regular inventories. Finally, you are providing guests with a unique and innovative experience that will help your hotel stay up to date and improve the ratings.

Create meaningful experiences

JEEVES is room service, room shopping™, a minibar, an infotainer and a teammate. We want to change the concept of room service. JEEVES can bring to hotel guests a new shopping experience. Room service does not have to be limited to food and beverages, we propose an in-suite shopping experience with products that fit the profile of your hotel. JEEVES can bring your guests gourmet local products, premium souvenirs and fancy cosmetics.

With JEEVES´ built-in delivery drawer only the sky is the limit. Besides room shopping it allows your front desk personnel to send items such as towels and toothbrushes to a room. The process is very simple, just place an item inside the drawer, enter the room number and press “Go”. JEEVES will find his way safely on his own.

As an infotainer JEEVES can provide guests with useful information about the hotel. Common questions that are asked at the font desk can now be redirected to JEEVES.  Where is the closest metro station? How long does it take to get to the airport? Where can I try the best local food? Is late check out available?  What time is breakfast tomorrow? JEEVES will soon be able to answer the most important questions right at the lobby.

Staff retention
Contrary to common belief our robot will not take people’s jobs. JEEVES’ main mission is to support the hotel staff in order to optimize their time. Mornings can be one of the busiest times in a hotel, guests are checking out, breakfast is being served and guests require information about how to get around the city. During moments like these JEEVES will be able to shine among the staff members. JEEVES helps hotels maximize productivity by taking over mechanical tasks, enabling staff to focus on responsibilities that bring more value to the customer’s experience.

Find here more information about JEEVES. Join the Robotise family an UpGREAT your service and guest’s experience with JEEVES, the Service Robot for the hospitality industry.